Teaching The Practice Of Self Love To Help You Live A Life Of Magic And Grace

      Welcome! My name is Anni K.       


I provide integrative embodiment therapy that supports the whole person as they move, grow, and transition through life. I am here to support you in the clearing of obstacles from false beliefs, ancesterial and social programs blocking you from your truth and true source of love.

To be in love with yourself and your living experience is the ultimate goal.

My vision is that every person of this world come home to their own divine sovereignty. To come into true union with yourself first and then with others and to live an honest life sourced from love.


I create a safe container for your emotional and energetic environment to be witnessed and I will interpret what wants to be heard and seen to assist you on your journey in Self-Love and Self-Discovery.

As an intuitive healer I have the ability to listen to shadow aspects of the self and hold space for your healing and transformation. Together we work to let go of those self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

Move from harm to harmony by intentional creation of a truly loving internal environment that is reflected to your outer world. 



Anne Marjorie Kaufer, L.M.T, C.Y.T, C.S.T

AZ License #MT-05418