Teaching The Practice Of Self Love To Help You Live A Life Full Of Magic And Grace

Anne Marjorie Kaufer, L.M.T, C.Y.T, C.S.T

AZ License #MT-05418

            Welcome to Barrio Bodywork, a wellness and massage studio in the West University neighborhood in Tucson, AZ.  I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. I currently have 15 years in practice as a massage therapist, 8 years as a CranioSacral Therapist, 6 years as Thai Massage therapist, and in 2008 I received Hatha yoga teacher training. I am currently in school to become a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

I provide integrative embodiment therapy that supports the whole person as they move, grow and transition through life. Offering therapeutic massage modalities to help heal and recover from injury, provide health and wellness to the body, and relieve stress and tension. I am an intuitive healer and have many modalities that allow me to listen to your emotional and energetic self and interpret what wants to be heard and seen to assist you on your journey in Self-Love and Self-Discovery. I have the ability to listen to shadow aspects of the self and hold space for their healing and transformation. Together we work to let go of self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, moving from harm to harmony. Allowing a more loving internal environment that is then reflected in your outer world. 


Holding space for therapeutic exploration and having a real curiosity for who my client is and what they need allows me to have a profound ability to listen while allowing my intuition to guide me. I  have trained with the most skilled and wonderful teachers that I am profoundly grateful for.  It brings me joy to hold space for wellness, and everyday I work I truly get to do what I love.   Take a look at my Offerings page, and Training page to find out more.



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