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a Mind-Body-Spirit based Integrative Healing Arts practice in Tucson, Arizona. I welcome those holding dearly to past stories keeping them from a harmonious life.  I work with people who are experiencing the effects of trauma, burnout, and stress or are on a path of self-awareness. Helping those with unexplained, unsolved, and unresolved injuries or ailments.  


Experience support as you navigate your living landscape, emotional body, dreaming and waking experience, the Somatic experience of this life. I hold space that allows you to integrate and transition into a new awareness of self. Come into a sense of safety and a deep coming home to self through integrated bodywork, ancient healing arts, and Craniosacral therapy. Your process and integration are held in a safe and gentle space as we navigate your personal regulation, comfort and ease.  

Welcome to Barrio Bodywork

I help people move from harm to harmony by allowing their feelings to have a voice and space to be witnessed-

 Through therapeutic touch, myofascial focused bodywork, SomatoEmotional Release, emotional processing, energetic and spiritual guidance I provide support for the whole person as they move, grow, and transition through life. This holistic approach to bodywork supports the nervous system and emotions allowing for those parts causing disorder and dysfunction to have a place to process, integrate and release. I am here to support you in the process of clearing obstacles that can show up physically, mentally, and emotionally. From false beliefs, ancestral and social programs, or a dysregulation of the nervous system that may be blocking you from your truth and true source of love helping you move to living life informed through sensations of the body.

Supporting your brave endeavors of human beingness. 


"Anni is intuitive, careful and gifted. I have been seeing her for several years for bodywork and most recently. for hypnotherapy and feel profoundly seen and understood by her. I always learn something new during our sessions and am grateful for the lessons in self care trust and patience."

"Working with Anni is magical! I left my session feeling rebalanced, light and bright!"

"I have received numerous massages from Anni. She is a very skilled bodyworker and energy worker. She helped me when I had lymphatic swelling and on another occasion she helped me with a back problem. It was like day and night. I am so thankful for her skills. I would definitely recommend her."

" Anni is kind, easy-going, and obviously gifted. She suggested a Thai massage that grounded and aligned me, and was able to discuss aspects of spirituality with me in a way that significantly benefited my overall health and wellness. I cannot wait to go back to Anni to benefit from her other touch therapy offerings in the near future!" 

My name is Anni (Anne) Kaufer

As an intuitive healer I have the ability to listen to shadow aspects of the self and hold space for your healing and transformation. Together we work to allow integration and process self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that are no longer supporting you.


I have been a practitioner of the Healing Arts since 2003

Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist 

Mind-body Wellness Practitioner

Embodiment/Somatic Focused 

Trauma-Informed Bodywork

CranioSacral Therapist 

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Wellness Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

L.M.T, C.S.T, Y.T.T, C.L.C 

17 years in Mind Body Wellness Field 

Hey There


Booking page is available for clients only. Would you like to work with me? Please fill out the form. 

2559 East Fort Lowell Rd

Tucson, AZ 85716


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