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I am a highly intuitive, Embodiment and Somatic Focused Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, CranioSacral Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Certified Clarity Coach. I have over 17 years of experience in the Healing Arts field and work with intuitive abilities that have been present since early childhood. 

My journey has brought personal dynamic healing and a large tool box into my practice. I am here to share my knowledge and facilitate space that offers you support and guidance on your unique journey. 

Hey There! 

I am a radiant expression of life in a wildly dynamic universe. I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ.

You can find me on a trail with my 9 year old pup, camping, riding my mountain bike, renovating my van for full time camping life, sleeping in a hammock or swimming in a stream. I also a mother and am raising a kind and gifted teenage son! I love to take family trips and enjoy the adventures we have together. 

I have come to find there is so much to love in life. I have learned to love living after most of my lifetime wishing I wasn't alive. Not everyone will feel this expression of love and joy in this lifetime,  but I believe it is possible. I am here to support others in learning to love being in love with their own living experience, and transforming false programing that blocks us from having that. I am here to help those who want to experience this during this life.

My false program was coded in physical, emotional and complex childhood trauma, death wish that lead to a suicide attempt, loss of safety and perverse self value. This caused a deep shame for my living expression and not knowing how to fully trust my internal guidance and intuition. I unintentionally let others control me as I rebelled, because I was so disconnected from my truth and power.  At a young age of 13 I turned to substances to find connection and answers and because I didn't know how to feel and process my own emotional landscape.  

What brought me here?


My ability to heal was driven from a deep knowing of the true connection that I knew was present and held me to believe in my purpose. I received a message from my future self and guardians when I was a young child, this message was that I had purpose and I needed to survive what was happening  and thrive in this world.  As an adult practicing inner child work I went back to that very moment and gave this message to myself only to realise in that moment that was a memory I had carried with me since I was a child. What a profound experience!


I held on even when I thought I had fully givin up.  It took so much time, training, personal investigations and self directed work. As well as finding and connecting to support that was available through teachers, practitioners, guides and actively seeking what would bring me to my greatest source of power and love. I am here now fully in love with living and with myself. I will continue to live and thrive in this deep forest of my own divine source love as I share this world in union and connection with others. 


A little about me and living a life I love 

My vision is that every person of this world come home within themselves to the truth of their divine source of love and that love to reflect out to every action and choice we make.  This is my path to support others on this journey. 






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