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  • Intuitive guidance energy therapy

    1 hr 30 min

  • Take a journey to find out what oils can support you where you are rig...

    25 min

    36 US dollars
  • Holding and connecting to sensation and uncovering hidden feelings.

    1 hr 30 min


What people say about working with me. 

"I have been seeing Anni Kaufer at Barrio Bodywork for nearly 2 years. I come from physical trauma, having broken vertebrae and multiple injuries resulting in multiple titanium fusions to my cervical and lumbar spine. I live with chronic headaches, moderate to quite severe nerve and physical pain and physical immobility. Yeah, wow, a lotta stuff going on, and that's not even the whole of it! 

But the multiple modalities and therapies that Anni has to offer her clientele, (well, especially this client!) absolutely always, Always help! We have moved through some deep seated 'blocks' and 'releases' and heart opening meditations in addition to her  intuitive hands-on nature of cranial-sacral therapy, myofascial release and numerous other manual therapies Anni is fluent in. Anni as a therapist and practitioner (and overall Amazing human) is a vital component in the overall 'Well-BEing' I strive to maintain. Even NOW in this time of quarantine, we are working together via video conferencing! So Cool!

Simply put, I cannot say enough goodness about Anni Kaufer and Barrio Bodywork!!"

Anni is intuitive, careful, and gifted. I have been seeing Anne for several years for bodywork and most recently hypnotherapy, and I feel profoundly seen and understood by her. I always learn something new form Anni during our sessions, and I am grateful for the self care, and patience. 

Anni provided hypnosis to support me through some challenges I have had in my relationship with myself and my twin sister.  We talked through thoughts and feelings i wanted to let go of and how I wanted to grow. During our hypnosis session she clearly knew exactly what I needed. She helped guide me through all the pain and fear to a space where I could feel relief and peace. I honestly didn't know I could find so much relief in just one session. I felt safe, I felt supported, I felt peace. I am so grateful. Since that session my sister and I have spent more time together and it's obvious that healing is more possible now than it has ever been .