Creative Offerings

During these times of exception I am changing the way I work to continue to hold space for wellness and support. This is a new service but still very similar to the work I already do in person. There is nothing more sacred that the relationship you have with yourself and in this session you will get to experience a connection to your self in ways that help integrate old wounds and witness self limiting beliefs.  I hold space for your relationship with self and plant seeds of wellness, During these different times there are many of us who have been greatly effected and I want to offer a sliding scale to support everyone's needs. If for any reason you find that you are unable to pay anything  please let me know.  I ask for a donation of  $75- $125an hour offer what you can or feel called to pay. Everything helps as I am currently  without income. 

This work and practice goes beyond the physical form. My intuition is in relation to the energies that hold us and flow through and around us. I have the ability to inves...
Sacred Experiencing Remote Session
1 hr 30 min

This is a free offering for you. I will be recording guided experiences next week after I receive my mic and software.  I have never done this before but this is some of the work I do in session with clients. Everything is organic and unplanned. This recording was not scripted or planned. I just suddenly sat down to do it. The music I used I had only listened to a part of the first track and  heard it as the journey went along in this recording. There are background sounds that  will be gone in future recordings. There where no edits at all. So enjoy it as a very ruff version of what will come. Thank you for being  on this journey with me.  I look forward to the new creative space that is happening for us all in this time. 

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