Training And Education

Massage Therapy

~Desert Institute of Healing Arts:  1020 hour, Deans List.

Focus on Hydrotherapy, Massage For Disabilities, Prenatal Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Massage, Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue and Trigger point Therapy.

~Deep Tissue Refresher 7 hours, Cortiva. Ginger Castal.

~Silicone Cupping, Debhroha Hodges

~Anaotmy Studies, Providence Institute

~Reiki level 1, Janeene Walters  (though I do not practice reiki)

~Chakra Crystal Healing, Miraval, Rebecca Klug

Thai Massage

~Traditional Thai Massag, Robert VanDyke 

~Thai Massage Level 1 Principles, Jason Tempkin.

~Thai Stretching, Winnie Cain

~Naga Thai, Miraval 

~Sen Sip, Miraval

~Deep Thai Therapy, Debhora Hodges

~Thai Herbal Compress, Deborah Hodges 

~Thai Herbal Compress, Micha Merrick

~Pregnancy Thai Massage, Om Shanti, Micha Merrick.

CranioSacral Therapy

~Unwinding The Maridians, Hidie Wilson

~CranioSacral 1, Heartwood Institute, Maureen Schwer

~CranioSacral 2, Heartwood Institute, Maureen Schwer

~Craniosacral 3, Heartwood Institute, Maureen Schwer

~CranioSacral 5, Heartwood Institute, Maureen Schwer

~Intro to Viseral Manipulation, Heartwood Institute, Maureen Schwer

~Relieving TMJ Head and Neck Pain, Heartwood Institute, Kathleen

~Restoring Balance To The Fundamental Structures of The Body, Heartwood Institute, Jane Berryhill

Yoga Training

~250 hr Yoga Teacher Training, Providence Institute, Donna Goodheart

~Yoga For Kids Teacher Training, Yoga Connection, Sue Ferguson

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