Core Elements to Embody Safety

In this article I am going to invite you to think about and feel into what safety is and how we can find it even in this world we live in. I am going to share ways to embody safety within and cultivate finding internal safety that will even change how you operate in your daily life and have a positive effect on the choices you make. Finding one's own internal safety can truly help each individual to take back their power. It becomes an internal compass and guidance system that will help you to find power in making choices that are internally safe. Now I don’t mean the kind of safety that makes people live in fear because living in fear is actually the opposite of feeling safe.

First I'd like to invite you to take a couple of minutes before you read any further to imagine what it would look like If we lived in a world where everyone felt safe. How would you imagine the world would be different? How would people be different? What would people actually strive for if they already felt safe.

Now, I know this is a far of place from where we are in the world right now and I get that this can be a big topic to approach with privilege and inequality at the foundation of our culture in America, a topic that definitely deserves a voice and attention, but what I am going to share in this article is focus on the importance of being able to find safety within and how this can be the biggest step to your healing as an individual and even foster the ability to help the world to have space to heal.

As someone who never had safety in their home as a child, never had safety as a child with either of their parents or siblings I was always searching for someone to provide me with safety that I didn't experience from my family. This led to codependency in my relationships. The people who raised me and were closest to me should have provided me with this sense of safety but instead I had experienced the opposite, extreme fear, neglect and abuse. My home was never a safe place for me. When you grow up in situations where danger is a normal or daily experience you start to have a desensitized way of operating with danger. It was normal and even though I didn't want it in my life I also was so used to ignoring the warning signals and often I would mistake them for chemistry or excitement.

As you might imagine I’ve spent so much of my adult life healing from these wounds. I’ve done many different therapies and seen many healing practitioners, self studied, and attended various training sessions and became a healing arts practitioner myself. It was a long journey to get to the point where I realized I felt the safest I had ever felt in my life. Or I should say that I actually felt safe for the first time in my life. I’m not talking about the kind of safety that you feel when you are with someone you love and trust, but a deep internal safe feeling. This was a totally new feeling. IT felt so good and oh yeah, did I talk about it. I may have even shouted from the rooftop or at least from my Facebook page. It was a sense of a landing within myself. I felt and knew I could trust myself.

Let’s get into some of the things that led me there and some of the things that I think can help others get there as well. I am going to start with what I call our Core Elements of Divine Sovereignty and come back to practices specifically for embodiment of saftey. I believe and have found for myself that these things will help to clarify values, choices, increase compassion for life, understand one’s own abilities and ground a person here in this earth home.

Our core elements of Divine Sovereignty are:

Spirit(Creation), Earth(Home), Body(Beliefs), Mind (Power)


Find your way to spirit; We are always in co-creation. Creation processes are spiritual.

Connections to life and all that is around us, relations to life force. We can access this through Divine communications, day dreams, internal talk, stories and dreams, trance, prayer or intention communication with spirit.

We are all touched by Gods; we are all our own God. You have infinite wisdom within, you are infinitely wise, you have infinite wisdom within. How have you been communicating with yourself lately? Communication is key to accessing this connection, and whether you believe in a god or spirit at all you can also call this your consciousness or the energy within the operating system or matrix. There are many terms one can use for this, even the subconscious. The important part here is how you communicate and create a more intentional and compassionate communication. There are many ways to cultivate a kinder and healthier relationship with oneself through communication. Inner child work is a process that allows a person to be more gentle and compassionate towards themselves. Once the ability for self compassion is created then one can ask guidance and even communicate with their spirit or higher self, intuitions or guides in a way that is more cohesive and collaborative.

Earth (Home)

Earth Embodiment and grounding practices, a key to healing from trauma. Some will call this part of healing the mother wound. Do you feel stuck, ungrounded, lost, disconnected, unsupported, unloved, unlovable,

Earth embodiment is a way to find these things in this lifetime. The more we can connect with the planet we live on that provides us with a home and food, with elements, and nature. The ability to connect and love this planet Earth Home will give you an ability to feel more safe and grounded. Some things that can help a person create this relationship is to notice the soil, the trees and the animals. Take walks or go camping and really take moments to be with nature. Ask the plants questions or ask their stories and just sit and listen to see what comes. When we can sit on the dirt and be with it just to feel and see what comes. And yes go hug a tree, or even better grow a garden and plant food. Be curious about the migration of animals and not so gudgy about what is a weed and what isn't. Find out what plants are edible in your area and get to know the trees and shrubs in your neighborhood. Learn to love nature and have compassionate communication with it.

Body (Belief)

What we believe about anything shows up in our body. This is a part of why embodiment practices are so helpful. Embodiment practices teach the body to hold new codes and release false or old programing. What we believe becomes emotion, and that e-motion is the energy put forth as movement through our living experience.

What can we do to connect and create a new? Dynamic self care, this looks like taking care of yourself like you are the most important thing in this life, because well you just might be. This doesn't have to look any specific way built to treat yourself like you really don't matter and your care and wellness does too. This can be expressed through self massage, eating healthy and intentionally, making time for your joy and rest, creating a cozy living and sleeping environment, doing things with yourself that feel loving and nourishing. Writing yourself letters about how much you appreciate you. If we don't find the value and importance in our life as a living expression on this earth we will be met with struggle and uncertainty of our purpose.

Next is the relationship we have with our emotions and processing them. What are emotions? Energy in motion. Our emotions send messages for our overall well-being and health will be more possible and there won’t be as much resistance in storage of emotions within the body causing distress and discomfort and disease.

When we do not see our emotions and let them be seen they silently take over our lives.

Destroying the flow blocking and building until the snowball of feelings rolls us over.

Who are we, emotional, energetic, matter, mental?

When we are able to have awareness of our feelings in the moment and let ourselves process them we are our own best healing practitioner. We won’t be as reliant or dependent on outside sources for our own well-being and we need things such as massage therapy, chiropractic care and even Western medicine will still be as wonderfully important or useful when they are needed but as we learn how to process our emotions and learn how to witness. Are we not one wholeness of human or are we separate parts living in relationship? Can we become one?

How do we come into our own true union?

Embodied safety and the importance-of feeling it?

Mind (Power)

What you believe you create, and what is creation without belief? So what do you believe?

Where do these beliefs come from? Are they yours, your mothers or fathers? Where did they get these beliefs from? Is it a program or agenda? So this is also a topic of freedom and domestication. Controlled through generational programming, through mass hypnosis.

Programming- what is programming, how do we show up programmed?

Coding- who is coding you, what code are you receiving?

What does freedom look like? Change your mind, change your life

The revealing of the truth, Self. Boundless, bound and boundaries, self sustainable

-What keeps you from your purpose?

We are trained to live backwards. To be told what to do without selves instead of listening to our senses. We are told to follow our hearts, but only as long as we do what is culturally and socially expected and normal. We then use our senses to navigate through the boundaries and limits that have been set up. While instead we should be living through our senses and creating our own environments and ideals.

Things keeping you from your truth and greatest gift are those things which do not belong to you.

Things such as: Agendas, false beliefs, mind control through media and social ideologies that create comparisons, judgments and fear. What if you had been taught from the beginning? To trust and have faith in yourself and make all your life choices from you inner knowing, your faith.

Remember all those times you had been told to ignore how you felt as a child, as a teen and even as an adult. That is the program of an agency, an agenda to disconnect you from your inner wisdom and faith in your knowing. Creation of social capitalist soldiers through self abandonment.

These issues have shown up for many years in working with clients. It shows up in trauma. These are traumas. You can relearn to remember this deep innate wisdom by starting with loving communication with yourself. By believing in yourself and no longer needing to explain to others why you are making sovereign choices for yourself.

Have you ever noticed that people want to know why and how and need you to convince them of your choices? We have been so deeply trained to not trust ourselves that we don’t even trust that others know what is best for themselves.

Now that we have gone through, connecting to spirit, finding home on earth, embodied beliefs, and processing emotions we come back to feeling safe within.