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Self Love Is

What does it mean to practice Self-Love?

We have all become more aware and in tune with the concept of self-care. As we live in a culture of doing, going, and achieving, self-care has become a popular and very much needed movement mostly consisting of taking the time to make yourself a priority for a few moments a day, a few hours a week. Self-care is mostly something we do for ourselves and Self-Love is an ongoing relationship we have with experiencing love between Me, Myself, and I.

You may have heard about Self-Love, in books and podcasts, and my ideas around Self-Love may be different or similar. Take this writing as my personal view and ideas around what I've come to understand from a lifelong journey to Self-Love. This is a personal reflection of what I have found in my journey, and with working with thousands of clients during the 15 years that I have been doing Massage and Energy Work.

Self-Love Is

Personal Investigation: Being curious about what you like, love, and desire. What you fear, loathe, and run from. What you feel about anything and everything, and giving yourself permission to do so. Are these your true feelings? Getting to really know YOU, deeply.

Self Acceptance: Being who you are, when you are, and where you are, and embracing that with love and acceptance. This is a hard one! I mean REALLY embracing this and fully loving yourself EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!

Self-Compassion: This is a truly tuff one. The one that hides in your stories, in your fears, in your judgments of yourself. Those stories about how things need to be in your life because of how your damage shows up for you. This is the one that keeps us from opening up to others, from going after what we are truly passionate about, and the one that keeps us from LOVE. Listen to your stories and find the pain. What needs to be healed?

Self Care: Taking action to care for this person you love fully, or desire to love more fully. Taking action to give you what you need to feel loved and cared for.

This is a lifelong relationship, a cosmic relationship that only you can have with yourself. You will never have another one that is exactly the same as the one you can have with yourself right now. In this life, you have been given the opportunity to have the most intimate relationship, the most profound and deeply rewarding relationship. Wherever you go, wherever you are, you are with you, always. You are always listening, always watching and always learning, through your actions towards yourself, your thoughts, and behaviors toward yourself.

How can I support your journey in Self-Love?

I hold gentle and compassionate space and help to identify where these judgments live and how they are placed on those around you. These judgments that we hold about self and the world around us. These can be hidden and hard to identify alone, but through Energy Work, Somatoemotional Release, Inner Child Work, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching (soon to come) we can uncover what has been hiding. Ultimately, I hold safe space for shadow aspects or self-limiting beliefs to be seen and heard, and listened to, allowing them the space to feel and heal. Then they can shine as the gifts that they truly are. Together we create a more loving internal environment for you to exist within, and this ripples outward to your outer environment and relationship with the world.

I also offer massage and bodywork as a tool for your self-care, essential oil consultations that give you a dynamic tool for emotional and cellular support, and Wellness Sessions where we create a personalized self-care routine that you implement into your life.

Teaching The Practice Of Self Love To Help You Live A Life Full Of Magic And Grace.

Anne Kaufer,

Owner of Barrio Bodywork LLC.

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